Seven Steps To Use a Vacuum Cleaner Properly

The vacuum cleaner is a wonderful invention that is used to clean the floors and other surfaces of your room. The machine creates inside it an artificial vacuum which sucks all the dirt and dust that are lying on the floor. We have very less idea about the amount of dust comes in our house each day and makes things dirty. You clean your house in the morning and go to your office, after coming back you will see that there is a layer of dust accumulated on your table. By seeing the amount, you can imagine in a week how much dust comes in the house.

how to use vacuum cleaner at home

To clean this dust vacuum cleaner is one of the best options. The operation procedures of the vacuum cleaner are given below:

First Step

To use a vacuum cleaner at first you have to buy a vacuum cleaner. For this, you need to choose a good one from multiple vacuum cleaners available in the market. There are plenty of articles on the internet where the best vacuum cleaners have been discussed.

Second Step

Check your newly bought vacuum cleaner nicely. The older vacuum cleaners have a bag to store the dust that is cleaned from the surface, and the modern machines use a removable container. You can reuse this container after throwing the accumulated dust. Read the user manual and connect all its components together to make it ready to use.

Third Step

To use a vacuum cleaner you need to check its length so that your cleaning becomes efficient. There are different lengths that you need to adjust as you clean different surfaces. It becomes easier if you have a vacuum cleaner and that has a length indicator. You can perfectly adjust the length to clean your carpet, couch or floor.

Fourth Step

Before you start cleaning, move away from any small objects that are lying on the vacuum cleaner’s path. You must remember that the suction power of a vacuum cleaner is high and for this, you can lose or break any item.

Fifth Step

Now start the engine by pressing the start button and move the device forward and backward. You should move the handle very slowly keeping it close to the cleaning surface. If you move fast, it will not properly collect any dirt.

Sixth Step

There are different accessories for adjusting your vacuum cleaner to clean different types of surface. Change your hose ends of the vacuum cleaner to according to the surface you are going to clean.

Seventh Step

Clean your entire house properly by taking the cleaner to your different rooms. After cleaning, you must throw the bag of dust or empty the removable tank so that you can use it again later. Keep the device in a dry and cool place so that it gives you service for a longer period of time. Remove all the components and keep them packed in your vacuum cleaner box if you plan not use it for many days.

Cleaning is a continuous process that needs to be followed at least every day, sometime multiple times in a day. Working with the vacuum cleaner will give you a good feel of cleaning. While the other cleaning stuffs make you annoyed and not interested in cleaning, the vacuum cleaner will make you feel that you use it frequently. This machine takes only a few minutes to clean your entire house. There are many other cleaning machines to make your cleaning work very easy. The washing machine is used to clean your clothes, a pressure washer is used to clean your cars or vehicles and dishwasher is used to clean your kitchen utensils.

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