Fruits for Good Health

Nature has given us many things that are very good for our good health. All you have to know is that the best time and way to eat them. Almost all the foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrition that your body requires. Fruits are one of the best things that can give you proper nutrition and fulfils your body water level. You cannot eat all the fruits whenever you want as they harm your body instead of doing good. There are some fruit that should be eaten at a particular time and there are some fruits that you should avoid. Here we tried to provide you with a clear picture about timing and way to eat fruits.

Good fruits for Health

Best Time: Best timings of eating fruits are given below:

Morning: The best time to eat fruits in an empty stomach that is either in the morning before your breakfast or between the meals. Fruits contain simple sugar which needs to be properly consumed by the body and for that it needs time. The fruits contain different protein that should be absorbed quickly by the body. An empty stomach absorbs these proteins quickly. Early in the morning before your breakfast you can eat fruits as your body gets time to consume the sugar properly. You can also eat fruits after at least half an hour of your meal. Those who have gastric or diabetes, should eat fruits after two hours of their meal.

Before and After Workout: You can eat fruits before your workout or immediately after your exercise. At this time the fruits give you the immediate energy and the sugar will be absorbed quickly because of your exercise. The body will not be affected by the extra sugar or the other nutrients at this time. Eating fruits after exercise will fulfill the loss of energy caused by your exercise.

Worst Time: The worst time for eating fruits is given below:

Before Bed: There are people who like to eat fruits just before going to bed at night which is a terrible idea. When you go to sleep your digestive system doesn’t work properly as it also takes rest. So during this time if you eat fruits the sugar doesn’t get digested properly and mixes with the blood. It also provides energy and prevents you from falling into sleep.

During Weight Loss Program: The people who already have overweight should not eat fruits after lunch. If you plan to reduce your weight and are following a weight loss program you should follow the only fruits that are prescribed for you. If you eat fruits this will lead your body into a calorific deficit and the body will use the fat stores as energy.

Way to Eat Fruits: It is best to have fruits without combining them with other things of your meal. The daily requirement of fruits is around two or two and a half cups or you can just have two apples. You can mix fruits with yoghurt or mix some salt in it. In this case be careful if you have gastric problem or other side-effects. You can make fruit salad or add cereal along with dry fruits and nuts. Pineapples, oranges, melons and pomegranate can be added to regular salads.

We eat fruits to take the energy and vitamins from them and not to let them harm our body. Following proper guideline to eat them will help out body stay healthy. They make the skin glow and beautiful. If you are having problem by following our instruction to eat fruit then you should consult a doctor. We want you to stay healthy pray for your good future.


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