Few Things to Decorate your Room

Your room plays a significant role in relaxing your mind. When you go to your room after a hectic day, you want to keep all the tension away from your head. This is a place where you can stay as you like, staying away from the pressure of your boss or your teacher. It creates a good impression to your friends, family members and yourself as well. There are many ways to decorate your room and there are interior designers who can help yours in this matter. But they cost you a lot of money. Here we discussed about how to decorate your room and few tips that are not expensive and are very effective.

how to decorate your roomhow to decorate your room

Washi Tape: This is a wonderful thing that you will get to any stationery shop. The come with the size of normal tape and with different rainbow colors which look really beautiful. You can use them to frame pictures, posters, and memories. You can also put then on your door, desk, and many other places.

Different Colored Lights: Now a day you get various types of bulbs that reflect various lights. To adjust with your different mood different colored lights will be very nice. When you watch a movie with your friends or family and when you go to bed for sleep you can use a dim light. If there is a party, you can use colorful light that you like.

Picture Frame as Whiteboard: This is a very easy and cheap way to make a whiteboard. You just need to collect an old picture frame add a white page behind the glass and put on your wall. Here you can write your important things that you might forget and change the writings when necessary. This can be very useful for a student or a jobholder.

Small Table at Your Bedside: You can keep a small table with few drawers to keep your small stuffs like your watch, wallet, pen, mobile phone, etc. that you always need. Don’t go for a large table as it will occupy a large area of your room and will look odd. Get a stylish table if possible to make it look beautiful and compact.

Hang a Photo: You can hang a beautiful photo on the wall. Different people have the fondness of different pictures; some like beautiful nature, some like to put their favorite person’s photo, some like paintings, etc. Don’t put too many pictures because it will look odd in your room.

Cushions and Blankets: There are many cushions and blankets available in the market with different designs and are cheap. Select them keeping in mind the paint of your room and keep them nicely folded at one side of your bed. If you don’t want to buy one, then you can make covers of your cushion with your old clothes.

Storage Boxes: You have many things to keep in your room such as your clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Don’t keep them scattered in your room which look filthy. Use storage boxes to keep your different kinds of stuff. It will also help you to find your stuffs when necessary easily.

Flower Vase: Bring flowers made of plastic and different clothes that will not dry up. Use a beautiful vase to keep your flowers to create a good impression to the people. You can place the vase on your table, on your wardrobe, etc.

Curtains: You can use curtains with different kinds of colors. When the sunlight comes by your window through the curtains, you will get different beautiful colors in your room. Your curtains should be thin, and light should be easily pass through them. It will keep your room with lots of air and light.

The above tips and systems can be used by anyone whether you stay at your home or stay in a hostel of your university. Since they are less expensive, you can change the decoration of your room whenever you want and get a new feel. These stuffs are very easy to collect and are available in almost all the places. You don’t need to order something big which will take your time and money both.

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