Ex-smokers, Take Some Health Tips

It is needless to say that smoking is a bad habit. Everybody knows this fact, but they cannot help without smoking. It actually is a habit that triggers the smokers whenever they see someone smoking. The urge automatically comes to them, and they start smoking without even thinking of it. That is why it is called an addiction. Quitting smoking still, doesn’t make your heart and overall health risk-free. That is why you should maintain certain physical exercises and other activities. Here we have tried to show you some tips that will be helpful for your health after quitting smoking.


Quit Permanently

You can add up to 10 years to your total life span by quitting smoking. Though it depends on at what age you are and when you quit. Relapse can be the greatest health risk for the former smokers. But you have to stay quit and cannot start again, not even one puff. People, especially women, gain weight after they quit and revert to smoking. They gain weight extra few pounds with their normal weight gain. After you quit, you might feel anxiety and depression, which are the powerful triggers for smoking. They can grow more after you quit. You should stay focused to nip these problems in the bud before they undermine your effort. The urge after quitting remains starting from six months to two years. During this time you have to be very determined and remain focused to achieve your goal. You have to emphasize on changing your lifestyles such as healthy diet and exercise program. You can also follow some stress reduction techniques to combat the urge of smoking. If all these techniques don’t work, then you should follow the advice from your health doctor.

Know Your Risks

You should have a good idea about gaining your health back so that you don’t become helpless. Within a year your risks of heart attack and stroke drop by almost half. It actually takes around ten years for your cardiovascular health to equal that of someone who has never smoked. During this time you should pay extra attention to your other heart disease risk factors, for instance, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and diabetes. You should exercise regularly in order to lower your saturated fat in your diet. This will also help you to control your blood sugar levels, and lose your excess weight. A rowing machine can help you to get rid of all this problem. Your doctor might suggest you take blood pressure and cholesterol medicines to tackle your cardiovascular risk.

Smoking cigarette also contributes to bone loss and leg and hip fracture in both man and women. To prevent these, you should do proper exercise and have plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. For checking the condition, you might take a bone mineral density scan and take the necessary supplements that your doctor gives you. There many former smokers who get affected by the lingering threat of lung cancer. You might have to get vaccinated for pneumonia and receive yearly flu shots. Smokers might also suffer from tooth loss; though this risk reduces within a decade of quitting. The ex-smokers should see their dentist twice a year for checkups and take daily oral hygiene.

Stay Vigilant

Time to time you can remind yourself the reasons for quitting smoking to stay vigilant. Remember that the people aged from 55 to 79 who have smoked within past 15 years have a low-dose spiral CT scan every year in order to find the signs of lung cancer. Make your resolution stronger and follow your goal strictly.

If you are an ex-smoker, there is no way to bring your smoking years back. What you can do is to follow the above procedures or tips so that you can prevent your further damage. Keep in mind that your smoking habit will attract your children to smoke what you definitely don’t want. Maintain your health and lead a happy life.

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