10 Things You Never Knew About Prescription Nike Eyeglasses

Nike’s entry into the eyewear arena has revolutionized eyeglasses as we know them. Designing eyewear through the lens of athletic excellence, Nike has introduced eyeglass collections that maximize visual acuity, stability, protection, and athletic performance. Below is a look at Nike’s journey to success in the eyeglass industry and some surprising facts you never knew about Nike prescription eyeglasses.

Nike’s Rise to Fame in the Prescription Eyeglass Industry

Nike has gradually risen to fame in the eyeglass industry through their attention to quality construction and their specialized focus on designing eyeglasses that maximize athletic performance. In particular, Nike’s eyeglasses were designed to respond to consumer demands for stylish eyewear that promotes focus during sustained athletic activity. In spite of Nike’s impressive innovation in the eyewear industry, many people are unaware of the level of precision and sophistication involved in the design of Nike eyeglasses. Below are ten things you never knew about Nike prescription eyeglasses.

1) Nike’s hydrophobic lens coating repels liquid and debris. Environmental elements, sweat, and debris are at the top of the list of culprits that cloud eyeglasses and scratch eyeglass lenses. Recognizing the detrimental effect that these elements have on eyeglasses, Nike designed eyewear with a sophisticated hydrophobic coating that is resistant to scratches and repels liquid. The hydrophobic coating is also easy to keep clean. Wearers can quickly wipe water, sand, dust, fingerprints, and perspiration from lenses for clear viewing.

2) Nike’s eyeglasses were made with Nike’s 11 Management Maxims in mind. When people invest in Nike eyeglasses, they are likely not aware of the key principles that guide the Nike team. Among the most pertinent of these maxims are Maxims 1, 5, and 7:

  • Maxim 1: “It is our nature to innovate.” Nike is committed to continually improving their eyeglasses.
  • Maxim 5: “The consumer decides.” Nike values consumer input in their eyeglass design.
  • Maxim 7: “Evolve immediately.” Nike’s evolution from footwear to clothing to eyeglasses illustrates this maxim.

3) Nike’s prescription eyeglasses offer protection against radiation. Nike has established itself as a leader in the design of radiation protection eyewear. Responding to the growth in professions that involve exposure to harmful radiation, Nike launched an entire collection of fashionable eyeglasses that protect the eyes from the damaging effects of radiation. Consumers can choose between single vision or bifocal lenses. Examples of professionals who can protect their eyes with designer Nike Radiation Glasses include the following:

  • Radiologists and X-ray technicians
  • Dentists and dental technicians
  • Astronauts and space station employees
  • Military personnel who are exposed to high levels of radiation

4) Nike prescription eyeglasses are worn by top athletes and celebrities. The quality construction and aesthetically pleasing design of Nike eyeglasses have attracted the likes of NFL quarter back Drew Brees, movie star Tom Hanks, and television personality Al Roker. Nike’s ability to appeal to icons who shine on and off the athletic field reflects the company’s commitment to catering to tastes that range from sporty to sophisticated.

5) Nike’s collaborated with ZEISS, a leader in the medical device industry. Since 1846, ZEISS has been the world’s leading manufacturer of surgical microscopes, medical equipment, and optical systems. Recognizing ZEISS’s commitment to rigorous quality standards, the Nike team chose ZEISS as their trusted manufacturing partner for their Nike Vision eyewear.

Nike’s partnership with ZEISS began nearly two decades ago and involved designing an eyewear mold that approached optical perfection. Together, Nike and ZEISS sought to eliminate every flaw from the mold to ensure that specifications were perfect. After dozens of revisions, the mold was perfected to achieve optimal fit and aerodynamics. The end result is cutting-edge optics that enables the eyeglass wearer to zero in on a moving target and identify objects and distances with precision.

6) Nike offers eyeglasses that were designed with NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Nike and Kevin Durant began teaming up in 2014 to launch optical collections for adults, teens, and children. As an athlete who wears prescription glasses, Kevin Durant understands the importance of precision in basketball and in other aspects of life. He wears eyeglasses on a daily basis and his involvement in the eyewear industry evolved naturally.

To date, Nike and Kevin Durant have launched three collaborative eyewear collections. The newest collection, the KD Signature Collection, includes three styles for adults and three styles for youths. Each set of eyeglasses features the following:

  • Kevin Durant’s signature etched on the tempes
  • An array of stylish patterns and color choices inspired by Kevin Durant
  • The KD logo on the inside tip of the temple

7) Nike eyeglasses are manufactured to promote stability during rigorous activity. Performance suffers when an athelete’s eyewear is not stable. Accumulation of sweat and intense movement can impact stability and cause eyewear to slip or fog up. Nike Vaporwing and Vaporwing Elite eyewear was designed with these factors in mind. Created specifically for runners, Vaporwing and Vaporwing Elite offer the following characteristics:

  • Stability during sustained movement, such as running or jumping
  • A design that comfortably conforms to a person’s face during activity
  • Anti-fog lenses

8) Nike has a comprehensive selection of prescription eyeglasses for people of all ages. The Nike team recognizes that the need for eyeglasses transcends age and gender. Nike offers a variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, boys, and girls. Nike does not compromise on their commitment to quality design in their youth eyeglasses. With over forty styles of youth glasses and sunglasses, boys and girls can choose from a multitude of colorful designs that feature the same high quality Karl Zeiss lenses found in Nike’s adult models.

9) Prescription Nike eyeglasses are available in sport-specific styles. For decades, Nike has been perfecting their eyeglasses to meet the specific needs of runners, basketball players, golfers and even long jumpers. From their selection of lightweight materials to the introduction of adjustable frame features, Nike has continually improved their frame and lens design to optimize visibility and focus for athletes and non-athletes alike. Nike’s innovative design features include the following:

  • Rubberized nose pads and temple tips
  • Spring hinges
  • Adjustable frame design
  • A hose of frame materials, including titanium, stainless steel, and memory metal

10) Nike has designed eyewear for blind athletes. Always on the cutting edge of eyeglass design, Nike’s commitment to innovation in the eyewear arena extends far beyond standard corrective eyeglasses. For instance, the Nike team designed customized eyewear and case for Lex Gillette, who is a world record holder in the long jump.

Blind since the age of eight due to a recurring detached retina, Gillette never cared for the confining eye mask or opaque glasses that he is required to wear in his Paralympics class. Gillette cited an inconsistent fit, contact with his eyelashes, and an “ugly” feel as reasons why the mask was a distraction to his performance.

Always interested in innovation, the Nike team worked with Gillette to customize eyewear that would meet his desire for a form fitting, aesthetically pleasing design. Notably, the braille on the case that holds Gillette’s Nike eyewear reads, “No need for sight when you have a vision.”

Experiencing the Benefits of Prescription Nike Eyeglasses

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